Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Holidays From VeeAndCo!

I hope you all are getting your shopping done and planning your Holidays with friends and family.

I've done up a few quick-to-stitch ornament designs for you. A set for the Quaker lovers and a set for those who just need a smile :)

Quaker Golden Bells and Poinsettia In Bloom Ornaments. These would be pretty done up in Sulky threads. Both designs are included...Hard Copy $8.50 plus shipping PDF...$7.50
*click on photo to enlarge*

VeeandCo Penguin Ornaments. I got the idea for the first one from a TV commerical. This lil girl penguin is worried that the Christmas Tree she is hanging on "makes her butt look big". Aren't us girls always worried about that :) The lil guy penguin seems to have gotten in some kind of trouble with the Christmas lights. His days of hanging on the tree MAY be numbered ;) Both designs are included...Hard Copy $8.50 plus shipping PDF...$7.50
*click on photo to enlarge*

Last months releases for Christmas:
"TOO MANY COOKIES?" ~~ Rudolph warns Santa not to eat that last cookie. Now what will Santa do? Hard Copy $6.75 PDF $5.00

"O HOLY NIGHT" ~~ Beautiful ornament to remind you of the reason for the season. Stitched with a DMC Variegated floss. Hard Copy $6.75 PDF $5.00

"CHRISTMAS TIME PILLOW" ~~ This humorous poem, written by a dear friend, tells it like it really is at Christmas Time. Hard Copy $6.75 PDF $5.00

If you would like to order any of these designs please email me at or

I have posted a complimentary design for you under "Complimentary Gifts". It's call Happy Reindeer. Hope you enjoy stitching this little ornament for your tree.

I want to thank all my devoted customers for their support in 2010. Hope to see you next year. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two Complimentary Halloween Charts

I've add 2 new Halloween designs for you. You can find them under Complimentary Gifts.....Quaker Spiders and Happy Halloween.

Hope you enjoy stitching them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September New Releases

VeeandCo has a few new designs this month for the "trick or treater" in you. Cats lovers will also find a "must have" design as we all know "who" rules the house!

"THE CAT RULES" ~~ Watch out fellow cat owners (and field mice) !!! Do you have 4 legged "Kings & Queens" like I do?? This precious yet bossy cat believes he is the ruler of the house, no questions asked. Two lil mice failed to heed the warning and the expression on their face tells it all! A MUST stitch for all families that are owned by cats!!

"OUTSIDE THE HALLOWEEN WINDOW" ~~ The Halloween "guests" have arrived and are peeking through your window to see what treats you have and if they need to prank a trick on you! One window has VeeandCo's beloved Frankie, a smilin' skeleton face and a sneaky spider who is hanging from his web upside down. Next up at the window, is Willow Witch along with VeeandCo's black cat and happy go lucky ghost. Behind all your visitors, you will find a bat or 2 flying through the crescent moon lit sky. Both designs are included.

HALLOWEEN ORNAMENT SPECIAL!! Order both ornament chart packs ("Quaker Bats & Ghosts" and "Cats & Hats") *below*and receive "Quaker Bats & Ghosts Biscornu" chart for free!

"QUAKER BATS & GHOSTS Ornaments" ~~ For the "spookier" quaker stitcher, two quick-to-stitch designs! Four quaker style bats fluttering amongst quaker motifs. Joining them, a second ornament with four spooky ghosts trying to scare you! Ornaments model stitched with GAST and Carrie's Threads, DMC conversions included. Both charts are included.

"CATS & HATS Ornaments" ~~ Two favorite Halloween icons with a touch of quaker appeal! Four magical black cat faces to bring you 4 times the luck on Halloween are surrounded by a simple quaker motif. Four mystical black hats, adorned with royal purple bands are encased by simple, yet elegant quaker motif. Models stitched with Carries threads (Mandrine and Aubergine), DMC conversion included. Both charts are included.

For prices and stitch counts please stop by my website at .

To place and order email me at

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Newest Released Designs

The Counted Wishes Cross Stitch Festival was a great success! Thank you stitchers! We hope you enjoyed the wide venue of designers that participated and the variety of cross stitch related products that were offered. We hope to see you at the Festivals in 2011.

To thank all the stitchers for their wonderous support during the Festival, Veeandco is extending their Festival sale until August 31st. Purchase any 3 charts in PDF format and receive a 4th chart in PDF format (of equal or lesser value) for free. Purchase any chart in Hard Copy and receive free shipping (sorry, U.S. only) The sale does NOT include "Name*Flakes" or "FurryPawz Name*Tags".

"MY STITCHING" ~~ Have you ever noticed how your stitching has made you forget how to cook and clean? There's a reason for that! These humorous words say it all. Charted in DMC. Suggested fabric- your choice. Model wonderfully stitched and creatively finished by Mary I.

"TOO MANY COOKIES?" ~~ Rudolph warns Santa not to eat that last cookie. Now what will Santa do? Charted in DMC, Suggested fabric- your choice.

"O HOLY NIGHT" ~~ Beautiful ornament to remind you of the reason for the season. Stitched with a DMC Variegated floss. Suggested Fabric- Your Choice. Model exquisitely stitched by Joann R.

"CHRISTMAS TIME PILLOW" ~~ This humorous poem, written by a dear friend, tells it like it really is at Christmas Time. . Charted in DMC. Suggested fabric- 28/32 Laguna Opalescent White or Pale Blue. Thank you Mary I. for this beautiful pillow.

"MRS. SCARECROW" ~~ All dressed is pinks and blue, she is ready to scare off those nasty critters that dare enter her field. Charted in DMC floss. Suggested fabric- Coffee Dyed aida. Model stitched by Linda S.

"HALLOWEEN MAGIC" ~~ Quaker motifs make this witch's hat and caldron full of Halloween Magic. Charted in DMC. Suggest fabric- purple hand-dyed aida.

Done in GAST colors Royal Purple, Woodrose, BlackCrow and Sugarplum.

"HAPPY HAUNTING" ~~ Ghost, bats, pumpkins and a spider are ready to go-a-haunting this Halloween. . Charted in DMC floss. Suggested fabric- 28/32 dark blue Jobelan. It would also look nice on a pale orange Jobelan.

"FALL INTO AUTUMN" ~~ Autumn leaves gently dropping into the pumpkin patch show signs that Fall is here. Charted in DMC but would look nice done in hand-dyed
floss. Suggested fabric-28/32 Jobelan, pale orange.

"BLACK CATS OF HALLOWEEN" ~~Halloween wouldn't be complete without Black Cats! You will receive both patterns. Charted in DMC floss. Suggested fabric colors- purple, orange or yellow. Model stitched on a hand-dyed purple. Many thanks Joann R for your beautiful stitching and finishing techniques.

"AUTUMN QUAKER" ~~ Crows and a pumpkin are true reminders of the Fall Season. Charted with DMC. GAST Expresso Bean for DMC 310. Fabric of your choice. Model beautifully stitched by Dee G.

Till next time...Happy Stitching!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th Of July!

I hope all who celebrate this Holiday will enjoy this new complimentary gift. You will find it listed in the "gifts" on the right side *scroll down*

Buzzing For The Red, White and Blue

Have a safe and wonderful day,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Counted Wishes Fall Festival

Counted Wishes Cross Stitch Festival 2010 Fall edition will be on August 1st through August 7th and I will be there!! I’m so excited to be part of this Festival with so many talented designers! You will find great designs, mystery treats and a lot of fun. Mark your calendars and tell your stitching friends!

Till next time...Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sharing a finished card

Barb just finished doing this card for her daughter. Beautiful finish Barb!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mother's Day Complimentary Charts

I've done 2 new designs for you. One is for that special mom and one is from Mom to her daughter. These can be stitched as cards or as gift tags to put on the special Mother's Day gift. I hope you enjoy them.
*click to enlarge*

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New April Releases!

Hello Stitchers!

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful Spring weather! VeeandCo has added 2 new releases to the website today!

"LADYBUG FAMILY--NEEDLE BOOK" ~~ Ladybug, ladybug find your way home, find your way home to my beautiful garden. A charming design filled with adorable ladybugs enjoying a spring morning. Momma ladybug is basking in the sun but keeping an eye are her 3 offspring who are playing "king of the hill" on the freshly bloomed pink daisy. Beautifully stitched and exquisitely finished into a needle book by JoAnn R.

Stitch count....79 X 75 Hard Copy $6.75....PDF $5.00 *click to enlarge*

"NATURES WONDERLAND" ~~ An elegant dragonfly, fluttering through the spring sky, suddenly spots a delightful wonderland. He zips across the sky, to join his fellow winged friends enjoying a day at Nature's Wonderland. A beautiful pink daisy with bright yellow button is the grand hostess. Two orange colored butterflies, with their gorgeous wings spread wide, gently glide around the delicate vines, while a few ladybugs rest on the lush green leaves of the flower. The regal dragonfly, with his royal, shimmering wings, elegantly graces the Nature's Wonderland. Beautifully stitched by Linda S.
Stitch count....76 X 86 Hard Copy $6.75....PDF $5.00

If you would like to order either or both of these designs just email me at

Till next time,
Happy Stitching,

A Beautiful Needle Book

I just wanted to share a beautiful Needle Book done by JoAnn R. She stitched up my Feb. free patterns and made this. Isn't it nice?
*click to enlarge*


Sunday, March 28, 2010

The bunnies and chicks will be back soon along with their babies, the flowers are just starting to emerge from their very long winter's nap. I so enjoy waking up to the sun shining through my windows and the cheerful sounds of the early birds singing.

VeeandCo has come out with 4 new Spring designs. I hope you like them.

"SPRING ROSES BELLPULL" ~~ Welcome "spring" into your home with this exquisite bellpull. SPRING is stitched/spelled with an elegant font. The letters are adorned with delicate red colored rosebuds and dainty, leafed stems, intertwined with each letter. Design can be finished into a bellpull or wall hanging and will beautifully accent any room in your house.
Stitch Count:43 X 260 Hard Copy:$6.75 PDF: $5.00

TULIP ROW "~~ The bunnies and chicks are happily playing among the rows of tulips. The brightly, just bloomed flowers in red, yellow pink and lavender with their luscious green leaves, seem to be the perfect place for these 4 critters to play hide-n-seek. Peeking out behind the tulips, 2 bunnies and 2 chicks think they are hiding from the 2 robins who are hunting worms in the grass! The fluttering of the butterflies are giving away their hiding spot!
Stitch Count:133 x 57 Hard Copy:$6.75 PDF: $5.00

"SPRING WINDOW" ~~ Wouldn't it be wonderful, to look out your window in the morning and see these charming characters looking in!! Five chicks are looking through your brightly colored window frame; 4 of them, cheek to cheek in the lower panes, and one silly but smart chick is peeking in from the top..upside down! Your gorgeous, blossoming spring daisies have finally grown tall enough, that you can enjoy them through your window too! When the chicks leave, 3 mischievous bunnies come for a visit at a different window, hoping to see if you are getting ready to leave their carrots outside. One is wearing a silly grin (hmm, think he sees those carrots), one has a worrisome look of being discovered, and the third is hanging upside down, most likely from the tree branches. Two Robins have graced your tree and are singing their delightful morning songs.
Stitch Count:63 x 54 Hard Copy:$6.75 PDF: $5.00

"SPRING PEEPS!" ~~ Nothing is more symbolic of Spring than brightly colored flowers along with baby peeps! These 2 precious peeps, with the their soft, yellow fluff, are enjoying a warm spring day. One is absorbing the fresh scent of a recently bloomed daisy, while butterflies twitter about in the air. The second peep is curious and is greeting a fellow spring critter, a worm! Both Peeps are bordered by tulips and butterflies. Can be stitched as one project, as shown in model, or separately. Many thanks to Carol B. for her gorgeous stitching!
Stitch Count:98 x 84 Hard Copy:$6.75 PDF: $5.00

If you need any of the newest designs just email me at

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Peeps

Easter is almost here and the baby chicks are ready with their eggs. You can find this chart under Complimentary Gifts on the right side of my blog or click on imagine to enlarge then right click and chose "save to file" and print from there :)

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bring On Spring...again :)

Linda S. just finished this and I think it tuned out so nice. Wanted to share with you.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Three finishes to share

A beautiful finish from Susan. She stitched the design on preforated paper, put felt on the back, and sewed a piece of burlap string to hold the greeting card onto the box of chocolates. Neat idea Susan!

This is a finish by Moyrah. I love how she changed the colors. She also used Rainbow Glissen in the hat and the snowflakes. Great job Moyrah!

Another finish is from Mary I. Stitching Forever...Housework Never! Isn't that the way we all feel?? Great job Mary! Love how you finished it.

Happy Stitching!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Reality Check...

Boy don't we all feel like this at one time or another. I graphed this after getting a request from Barb at 123 Stitch message board. I've done 2 versions for you.

*click to enlarge then right click and save to file or desktop and print*

Second version :)

Happy Stitching,

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thank you all...

Hi Stitchers,

I want to thank all of you who stopped by the Counted Wishes Festival. It was a good show and appreciate all your orders. There are still a few hours left so if you need anything please let me know. Don't forget to mark your calendars for our Fall show starting August 1 and going through August 5.

The Counted Wishes Complimentary Door Prize is on the website so don't forget to stop by.

Happy Stitching,


Monday, February 1, 2010

New Designs For Spring.

Please join us for the fun at the Counted Wishes Cross Stitch Festival. Here are my newest designs I have in the show. Hope you will take time to stop by and order that pattern "you can't live without". :)

"CAUTION--THE CATS!" DOOR HANGER~~ A definate stitch for all households owned by "indoor" cats. They can look charming, innocent and at times pathetic, as they wait by the door for their chance to sneak out of the house and have an outdoor adventure. These 2 whimsical looking cats, along with their lil grey mouse friend, will try their best to hide by the door for that split second chance at freedom! Those entering/exiting cat households must always proceed with caution!!

"THE CAT--CAUTION!" DOOR HANGER ~~ An alternative piece for those single cat families! How many times have you heard "Don't let the cat out!" No matter how convincing the furball may be, always remember this caution!!!

"FOUR CATS & A MOUSE!" ~~ 4 whimsical cats along with their lil friend, the grey mouse, are mischievously sitting in front of a white picket fence laced with green ivy leaves. What are they up to?? From the middle "grey tiger striped" cat to the friends joining him; an orange tabby, a pumpkin colored tiger and a small black and white kitten, their impish yet innocent smiles makes one wonder, just what are they thinking? or planning?

"BRING ON SPRING" ~~ You know winter has been toooooooo long when even the snowmen are ready for spring! A comically unhappy snowman, with his shades of green hat and scarf, has had enough of snow. He's wishing all the crystalized pretties would go away because he's frozen and his snowballs are freezing!

"TEA FOR THREE" ~~ Three best friends spend an lovely spring afternoon, sharing secrets and laughter over tea and cookies under a freshly bloomed tree. A little girl *inspired by my granddaughter* is dressed in her Sunday best, including her straw hat and big pink bow. She is joined at her enchanting tea table with her best friends, Mr. Rabbit dressed in his damper bow tie and Mrs. Bear. All three are enjoying their cookies and tea while surrounded by fluttering butterflies, chirping birds and a squirrel hoping for a crumb or 2! This is an adorable chart for any daughter or grand-daughter.

"THINK SPRING" ~~ The Easter Bunny is coming! This charming brown bunny is thinking and planning spring. He's sitting on the edge of flower box which contains a yellow and a red "just bloomed" tulips. Joining him are a few colorful butterflies and 2 friendly robins.

"SPRING GATHERING" ~~ Is anyone sick of winter and snow yet? I am! Feels like SD has had winter FOREVER! This delightful "SPRING" chart is stitched in gorgeous pastel colors. Robins are abound, looking for worms, feed the babies in their nests. The word "spring" which is stitched in a lovely shades of turquoise/green , is accented with colorful spring flowers and butterflies.

"HOME OF THE BRAVE" ~~ A sweet patriotic quaker styled sampler, to remind us of those who are protecting our precious Freedom. "Home of the Free, Thanks to the Brave" is adorned with easy to stitch quaker motiffs. This design can be stitched with one color or with the suggested DMC's and/or Sulkythreads as shown in our models and finished into pillows, wall hangings, tucks or no sew cubes. Thank you Dee G. and Mary I. for your wonderful job on the models.

"I LOVE HUGS" ~~ The PERFECT companion piece to "After 50". Another quick stitch, this whimsical saying has probably been said in 99% of households in the world! "I love hugs, I love kisses, but I'd really love is help with the dishes!!" This world known phrase is decorated with dainty hearts and green leaves.

"AFTER 50" ~~ Does life begin at 50? A quick to stitch whimsical sampler claims for all stitchers who are 50+. No *red hats* here, just an ol' fashioned coffee pot, with it's heavenly scented aroma wafting through the air, along with dainty flowers and ivy leaves. After all, after 50, all that does perk is the coffee :) Thank you Linda S. for stitching this so nicely for me.

"SHAMROCK CIRCLE" ~~ St Patrick's Day is just around corner and what better way to celebrate than to have a lil "Irish Luck" on your side! An enchanted lucky four leaf clover is surrounded by a circle of rich green shamrocks! A quick, perfect gift for anyone! This design is stitched in Sulky threads but as always the DMC conversion is included .

"ROSE'S NEEDLEBOOK" ~~ 3 beautiful quaker style roses, rose, pink and yellow along with their matching rosebuds create this stunning needlebook. Add a couple of blue butterflies and you have an exquisite needlebook! This design is stitched in Sulky threads but as always the DMC conversion is included . Design can also be finished into a pillow, tuck or wall hanging.Thank you Sandi R. for your beautiful model stitching.

Happy Stitching,