Sunday, September 12, 2010

September New Releases

VeeandCo has a few new designs this month for the "trick or treater" in you. Cats lovers will also find a "must have" design as we all know "who" rules the house!

"THE CAT RULES" ~~ Watch out fellow cat owners (and field mice) !!! Do you have 4 legged "Kings & Queens" like I do?? This precious yet bossy cat believes he is the ruler of the house, no questions asked. Two lil mice failed to heed the warning and the expression on their face tells it all! A MUST stitch for all families that are owned by cats!!

"OUTSIDE THE HALLOWEEN WINDOW" ~~ The Halloween "guests" have arrived and are peeking through your window to see what treats you have and if they need to prank a trick on you! One window has VeeandCo's beloved Frankie, a smilin' skeleton face and a sneaky spider who is hanging from his web upside down. Next up at the window, is Willow Witch along with VeeandCo's black cat and happy go lucky ghost. Behind all your visitors, you will find a bat or 2 flying through the crescent moon lit sky. Both designs are included.

HALLOWEEN ORNAMENT SPECIAL!! Order both ornament chart packs ("Quaker Bats & Ghosts" and "Cats & Hats") *below*and receive "Quaker Bats & Ghosts Biscornu" chart for free!

"QUAKER BATS & GHOSTS Ornaments" ~~ For the "spookier" quaker stitcher, two quick-to-stitch designs! Four quaker style bats fluttering amongst quaker motifs. Joining them, a second ornament with four spooky ghosts trying to scare you! Ornaments model stitched with GAST and Carrie's Threads, DMC conversions included. Both charts are included.

"CATS & HATS Ornaments" ~~ Two favorite Halloween icons with a touch of quaker appeal! Four magical black cat faces to bring you 4 times the luck on Halloween are surrounded by a simple quaker motif. Four mystical black hats, adorned with royal purple bands are encased by simple, yet elegant quaker motif. Models stitched with Carries threads (Mandrine and Aubergine), DMC conversion included. Both charts are included.

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Happy Halloween!

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