Sunday, March 28, 2010

The bunnies and chicks will be back soon along with their babies, the flowers are just starting to emerge from their very long winter's nap. I so enjoy waking up to the sun shining through my windows and the cheerful sounds of the early birds singing.

VeeandCo has come out with 4 new Spring designs. I hope you like them.

"SPRING ROSES BELLPULL" ~~ Welcome "spring" into your home with this exquisite bellpull. SPRING is stitched/spelled with an elegant font. The letters are adorned with delicate red colored rosebuds and dainty, leafed stems, intertwined with each letter. Design can be finished into a bellpull or wall hanging and will beautifully accent any room in your house.
Stitch Count:43 X 260 Hard Copy:$6.75 PDF: $5.00

TULIP ROW "~~ The bunnies and chicks are happily playing among the rows of tulips. The brightly, just bloomed flowers in red, yellow pink and lavender with their luscious green leaves, seem to be the perfect place for these 4 critters to play hide-n-seek. Peeking out behind the tulips, 2 bunnies and 2 chicks think they are hiding from the 2 robins who are hunting worms in the grass! The fluttering of the butterflies are giving away their hiding spot!
Stitch Count:133 x 57 Hard Copy:$6.75 PDF: $5.00

"SPRING WINDOW" ~~ Wouldn't it be wonderful, to look out your window in the morning and see these charming characters looking in!! Five chicks are looking through your brightly colored window frame; 4 of them, cheek to cheek in the lower panes, and one silly but smart chick is peeking in from the top..upside down! Your gorgeous, blossoming spring daisies have finally grown tall enough, that you can enjoy them through your window too! When the chicks leave, 3 mischievous bunnies come for a visit at a different window, hoping to see if you are getting ready to leave their carrots outside. One is wearing a silly grin (hmm, think he sees those carrots), one has a worrisome look of being discovered, and the third is hanging upside down, most likely from the tree branches. Two Robins have graced your tree and are singing their delightful morning songs.
Stitch Count:63 x 54 Hard Copy:$6.75 PDF: $5.00

"SPRING PEEPS!" ~~ Nothing is more symbolic of Spring than brightly colored flowers along with baby peeps! These 2 precious peeps, with the their soft, yellow fluff, are enjoying a warm spring day. One is absorbing the fresh scent of a recently bloomed daisy, while butterflies twitter about in the air. The second peep is curious and is greeting a fellow spring critter, a worm! Both Peeps are bordered by tulips and butterflies. Can be stitched as one project, as shown in model, or separately. Many thanks to Carol B. for her gorgeous stitching!
Stitch Count:98 x 84 Hard Copy:$6.75 PDF: $5.00

If you need any of the newest designs just email me at

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  1. Vee, I love how you finished this! It's gorgeous!