Friday, August 28, 2009

New Halloween Designs...

Enter, if you dare, the spooky village in South Dakota, where bats fly freely, ghosts emit eerie cries, pumpkins wear grins and bones jangle creepily in the night.

Black Cats and Bats...stitch count 105W X 59H
As you enter the village, beware of the black Halloween cats! Their best friends are bats! This quick to stitch design spells "Halloween" with an interesting twist. One black cat is helping to spell the word Halloween and one is trying his best to frighten you by hiding in the word Halloween. With their batty friends swirly above, a witch's hat and a spider or 2, they are hoping you have a frightening evening.

Halloween Fun...stitch count 64W X 81H
As you continue your walk through the eastern part of the village, you find the pumpkin patch. You are greeted by 2 darling, wide-eyed "innocent" looking ghostly sitting upon a cute as can be pumpkin. But don't be fooled by their sweet faces. They are holding a sign, enticing you to "Join the fun, bring you own Boos"...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Mr. Bone Jangles...stitch count 134W X 119H
As you hurriedly walk past the graveyard, you hear a strange sound. Ghostly music mixed with "clinking, jingling" sounds invade your ears. You gaze south over the rickety cemetery fence and low and behold you freeze! To your delight, or possible chagrin, you witness a sight you've never seen before! Dressed in purple gloves and boots, Mr. Bone Jangles, a musically inclined graveyard skeleton is dancing around the pumpkins and headstones. With every move, his boney body creaks and jangles. As he spots you, he bestows you with a toothy grin and tips his hat as he continues his macabre dance.

Simply Boo...stitch count 74W X 71H
Uh oh! You were fooled by the friendly ghosts and entered the pumpkin patch in the hopes of finding some Halloween fun and a pumpkin or two to take home. However, as you meander you way amongst the pumpkins, you hear ghostly boo's along with ear shattering catty meows. You look toward where the skin-crawling sound is coming from and your heart stops! You see a hauntingly grinning pumpkin and his equally frightening companion, a black cat. Both of them want to scare the ebbie jebbies out of you! Thank you Dee G. for stitching this up and framing!

Spook Pair...stitch count 66W X 64H
Across the road a bit, you find a spooky pair of friends hanging out on the corner. A huge, plump pumpkin, with his big toothy grin, is letting his adorable spider friend play amongst his leafy hair. This charmingly spooky pair can be finished into a no sew cube, pillow/tuck or banner. Many thanks to Carol B. for her beautifully stitching!

The Boo Gang...stitch count 70W X 84H
As you head north through the village, you come upon a delightful scene. The "friendly" ghost just can't resist making "rabbit ears" behind one of the pumpkins :). In front of the ghost are 3 silly pumpkins, 2 of which think they are very dapper sporting their fedora hats! Underneath the pumpkins, 2 spiders are hanging out in the "Boo". Thank you Linda S. for your beautiful model stitching.

Halloween Sampler...stitch count 123W X 76H
Before leaving the VeeandCo Haunted Village, you stop at the local cross stitch shop in hopes of finding the perfect design to commemorate your ghostly visit. And alas, you do indeed find it! The Halloween sampler is filled with all the sights you have seen tonight; the pumpkin patch, the graveyard, skeletons and black cats. Even the lil "Spook Inn" with it's ghostly guests watching from the chimney and windows; which you quickly ran past! A super Halloween sampler to remember a super night!

If you would like to order any of my new designs just send an email to or
Hard copy patterns are $6.75 and PDF files are $5.00.

Till next time...
Happy Stitching!

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Releases for August...

I've just completed 3 new designs for Fall. They will be released in a few days. Halloween designs are soon to come.

First new release is "Under The Shade Of the Sunflowers". This lil ladybug has found the perfect place to take an afternoon nap.
Stitch count...84X86

Fall wouldn't be complete without an "Autumn Wreath". This lil scarecrow has found his way into the center of fall leaves and bittersweet berries.
Stitch count...83X83

"Autumn Is Here". Well it will be soon :) I've put together a variety of things you see in the Fall.... a pumpkin, sunflowers, Indian corn and of course a crow.
Stitch Count...51X70

I will also be releasing "Grandma's Bunch" *seen below* This will be a special order only chart. I can possibly fit as many as 8 names/balloons and stitch count will depend on how many are placed in the design.

Please visit my website for ordering and also be sure to take time to sign up for my newsletter.