Thursday, April 8, 2010

New April Releases!

Hello Stitchers!

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful Spring weather! VeeandCo has added 2 new releases to the website today!

"LADYBUG FAMILY--NEEDLE BOOK" ~~ Ladybug, ladybug find your way home, find your way home to my beautiful garden. A charming design filled with adorable ladybugs enjoying a spring morning. Momma ladybug is basking in the sun but keeping an eye are her 3 offspring who are playing "king of the hill" on the freshly bloomed pink daisy. Beautifully stitched and exquisitely finished into a needle book by JoAnn R.

Stitch count....79 X 75 Hard Copy $6.75....PDF $5.00 *click to enlarge*

"NATURES WONDERLAND" ~~ An elegant dragonfly, fluttering through the spring sky, suddenly spots a delightful wonderland. He zips across the sky, to join his fellow winged friends enjoying a day at Nature's Wonderland. A beautiful pink daisy with bright yellow button is the grand hostess. Two orange colored butterflies, with their gorgeous wings spread wide, gently glide around the delicate vines, while a few ladybugs rest on the lush green leaves of the flower. The regal dragonfly, with his royal, shimmering wings, elegantly graces the Nature's Wonderland. Beautifully stitched by Linda S.
Stitch count....76 X 86 Hard Copy $6.75....PDF $5.00

If you would like to order either or both of these designs just email me at

Till next time,
Happy Stitching,

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