Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Releases and Halloween sale!

VeeandCo Cross Stitch Designs has just released 5 new designs. Plus added a sale on all past Halloween designs...buy 2 Halloween patterns for $3.75 each...PDF form. You MUST order 2 Halloween patterns to get the sale price. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE NEW PATTERNS JUST RELEASED. You can see the Halloween patterns here http://www.veeandco.com/59101/60885.html This sale lasts through October 15th.

New releases start out with 2 "quick-to-stitch" for Halloween.

"Enter If You Dare"
Wow...my model stitcher Mary I. has outdone herself on this door hanger. Would you enter if it was hanging on a door? I sure would have to think twice.
Stitch count 65X69
PDF...$4.00 Hard Copy...$6.00 plus shipping

"Witch's Parking"
Don't even think about parking here unless you are riding a broom :) You will be TOAD!
Beautifully stitched and finished by Mary I.
Stitch count 78X81
PDF...$4.00 Hard Copy...$6.00 plus shipping

"Personality With Attitude"
Need that special sign to hang in your office or home? VeeandCo has it for you! This designs tells it like it is :)
Linda S. has done a great job stitching it on Silkweaver's "Strawberry Shake".
Stitch count 96X89
PDF...$5.00 Hard Copy...$6.75 plus shipping

"Kitty Door Greeter"
First VeeandCo did that special "Doggie Door Greeter" for you. Now it seems the kitties are upset because they feel ignored! Wait no longer my tiny tigers...this one is for you :)
Have you ever walked through your front door to the biggest mess ever? They will swear the D-O-G did it! But somehow the mouse "hanging out the mouth" is a dead give away as to who DID it.
Model beautifully done by Linda S.
Stitch count 95X91
PDF...$5.00 Hard Copy...$6.75 plus shipping

"In Trouble Again"
This kitty is at it again. First it was the yarn, then the floss and NOW the curtain and your cup of coffee is destroyed! But remember it was all in good faith to keep your house "fly free" :)
Stitch count 100X99
PDF...$5.00 Hard Copy...$6.75 plus shipping

If you want to place an order  just send me an email virginia@veeandco.com .

Till next time Happy Stitching!


  1. Funny and cute novelties :) Have a pleasant season :)

  2. Very nice new releases! Love Enter if you Dare!

  3. Love the pattern Would it help to know I caught the fly.

    Would love to order, if possible