Monday, September 12, 2011

Counted Wishes Festival is HERE!

Come join the fun...September 15-21, 2011 for our Fall Counted Wishes Festival, featuring wonderful Cross Stitch Designs, Show Specials, Grand Prizes, A Goodie-Bag Page *look for my free Candy Corn Ornament :)*, and Fun Games to play.

Here are the newest designs from VeeandCo Cross Stitch Designs that are available to you. If you order through the show you receive my "special offer" of buy 3 PDF patterns and get the 4th one FREE or paper hard copies offered with FREE shipping in the US. This offer also includes patterns on my website

Needle Threaders....
Something new and unique for those needle thread lovers. Are you tired of those tiny needle threaders that are hard to hold on to? Yes? Well VeeandCo can help you! Special designed needle threaders for ease in holding and threading. They are made from glass beads and strong nylon-coated wire. They even thread my favorite #28 needles!! When ordering please state which style you would like. Special show price is $6.75. Prices will go up to $8.25 after the show.
Email your order to

What’s that hiding in the pumpkin patch? It’s a Cat! No! It’s a Bat! No! It’s CATMAN!! Secret hero to cat’s and pumpkins everywhere! Along with his trusty side kick Squeak, Catman will protect pumpkins and cats worldwide through the Halloween season. Disguised with his black cape and mask, Catman will patrol the patches and streets, pretending to be trick or treating while making sure no pumpkins or cats are scared on Halloween. Joining Catman are “scouter bats”, who fly around, searching to see if any trouble is lurking in the dark! Design size.. 46W X 57H Hard Copy...$6.75 plus shipping... PDF...$5.00
Email order to

Do the Boo Walk...
Ok everyone, let’s join our friendly ghost and Do the Boo Walk! A cute as can be ghost, her head adorned in a big orange bow is taking her nightly boo walk. She is joined by a few bats, a happy go lucky pumpkin, and a smiling crescent moon as she walks along trailing her “boo”. Design size.. 105W X 63H Hard Copy...$6.75 plus shipping...PDF...$5.00
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Mumpkin and Pumpkinstein...
These 2 characters, literally, are ready for Halloween. Each one thinks they have the best costume for trick or treating. As Pumpkinstein tries to ridicule his friend, Mumpkin retaliates with the ever famous line “have you looked in a mirror?” I will also include FREE ornament size faces of these two characters. Design size.. 125W X 57H Hard Copy...$6.75 plus shipping...PDF...$5.00
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Witch's Brew...
Boil, boil, toil and trouble, this witch is up to no good!! With her huge cauldron a smokin’, bat’s a flyin’, and precious black cat assisting, this ancient witch is brewing up a spidery brew for Halloween. Stitched as a monochrome design, this chart will work up nicely with any DMC, variegated or over-dyed theads you love. Design size.. 70W X 85H Hard Copy...$6.75 plus shipping...PDF...$5.00
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Ghost Ornaments...
Pumpkin Party ornaments for your Halloween tree!! These three “ghostly” ornaments are quick stitches. The ghost, decked out in his purple bow tie, is having lots of fun with his pumpkin friend doing head stands, flying hugs and waving at his fellow ghosts to join him. Design size.. approx. 55W X 50H Hard Copy...$6.75 plus shipping...PDF...$5.00
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Pumpkin Party Door Banner...
Your are cordially invited to the Pumpkin Party this Halloween! Hosted by our friendly ghost and smiling jack-o-lantern, prepare to play games amongst the bats, spiders and boos! Design size.. 75W X 181H Hard Copy...$6.75 plus shipping...PDF...$5.00
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Give Thanks Snow Globe...
Continuing the snow globe series, encased in the snow globe is an adorable Turkey with his smart looking Pilgrim hat! He is surrounded by various pumpkins and gently floating autumn leaves in their rich colors. Globe is topped with elegant autumn bow. Design size..88W X 80H Hard Copy...$6.75 plus shipping...PDF...$5.00
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Singing Carols Snow Globe...
A Holly Jolly Elf is joined by 2 of his best friends—Santa’s reindeer! With music in hand, these 3 best buds will sing any carol you wish as the delicate snowflakes fill the air. Globe is topped with a Christmas red bow, and holly sprigs. This design would be an adorable ornament, tuck or pillow with a music button added for a true Singing Carols Snow Globe. Design size..88W X 80H Hard Copy...$6.75 plus shipping...PDF...$5.00
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Happy shopping!


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