Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 2011 New Designs

To start off I have finished the Season Square Series with these 2 designs:

"AUTUMN APPLES" ~~ A whimiscal trio of crows has found their treats for the day. However, one of these silly birds has bitten (or eaten) off more than he can chew! After polishing off 2 big apples, one of our trio is laying down with an overly stuffed tummy. His friends, who are sitting on the remnants of his snacks, are looking down at him in amazement. I wonder what is going through their minds . . . This charming design is bordered with rich, ripe apples (more for that silly crow to eat!)STITCH COUNT: 84 X 80 HARD COPY: $6.75 PDF: $5.00

"WINTER SNOW" ~~ A very happy SnowMan is enjoying this very frosty, snow's a blowin' day. Decked out in his big fluffy hat and super warm scarf, he is grinning from ear to ear as the snow dances and swirls all around him and a lil bright red cardinal chats with him while sitting on his hand.STITCH COUNT: 84 X 80 HARD COPY: $6.75 PDF: $5.00

I have also designed 2 more Snow Globes for the Snow Globe Monthly Series:

"HALLOWEEN SNOW GLOBE" ~~ Some of the Veeandco Halloween friends are back for this adorable Snow Globe. The black "magical" cat, wearing her star studded witch's hat; along with her special friend, the mouse; are patiently waiting for Halloween to arrive. Sitting contently on 2 pumpkins, gazing out into the open field, they watch as a friendly bat flies past the full golden moon. Will they also see a witch pass by too? Topped with a beautiful bow in rich purple colors, this Snow Globe is a must for all who love Halloween. STITCH COUNT: 84 X 76 HARD COPY: $6.75 PDF: $5.00

"AUTUMN SNOW GLOBE" ~~ This delightful Snow Globe is complete with all the favorite autumn icons; the perfect pumpkin which is surround by freshly bloomed flowers, multicolored corn, gently falling autumn leaves and a couple of buzzin' bees. Enjoying this lil scene is a black crow who is eyeing up the delicious ears of corn for a snack. The Snow Globe is topped off with a stunning bow, finishing the the autumn scene. STITCH COUNT: 84 X 76 HARD COPY: $6.75 PDF: $5.00

You will also find this complimentary pattern for your Easter stitching on the right side of the blog under Gifts. Hope you enjoy it.
"What's Wrong With This Picture?"

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  1. Vee, You out do yourself each time!!I love them! The Snow Globes are great!

  2. Beautiful as usual, Vee! I will be ordering on payday! Thank you so much for the adorable freebie. The bunny is too cute!

  3. Oh, how cute. Just what I needed, a new designer to covet. Oh dear, I need more money!!