Sunday, March 29, 2009

Complimentary Charts

I have just added most of my past complimentary charts. You will find them on the right hand side. To open them in a different window just right click on the title of the one you want and choose "open in new window". This seems to be the easiest way so you don't have to keeping clicking the "back" button.

Happy Stitching!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cupcake Pin Cushion Lovers:

I have designed this special bunny for a dear friend of mine for Easter. The Easter Bunny has delivered all his eggs and is finally on his way home.
To save and print out just right click on the picture and select "Save As" and place it where you can find it in your files on your computer. I hope you enjoy stitching it.

Fabric...32 count pale green Jobelan

Floss and symbols:
m....DMC 436 tan
4...DMC 437 tan lt
K...DMC Ecru *I used Wisper thread W88*
Backstitch bunny in DMC 3371
Long Stitch grass blades in DMC 367
I also added 4 tiny flower brads. You can use any small buttons of your choice.

Happy Stitching,

Here's what it looks like finished.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some of my March Releases...

Easter is on it way and my *bears* have been busy getting geared up for the Easter Bunny to arrive. They have dressed themselves up like bunnies and began painting their eggs. Again there is always that mischievous one out of control. What a mess he is making to the back side of this egg! Good thing you only see what the other two bears have done. :)
I just put the final stitches in this a day ago. I'm thinking of making it into a pillow or a no sew cube.

"And you think you're having a bad day?" Do you always feel like you are the worm in this next design? After hearing about my dear friend having so many bad days in a row I designed this special for her :)

"Spring Sampler" is also now available. This is the 3rd in my Season Samplers. It's full of bright cheery spring things....tulips and baby birds are just a few.

"Ladybug Love" is a whimsical design of two *lovebugs* swinging gently in the spring breeze. The cherry blossoms are at full bloom and the branches from the cherry tree gladly welcome the ladybugs swing.

So many of us have loved ones with cancer *me included*. A dear friend emailed me asking if I would do this design as she wanted it for a special person in her life who loves coffee and is fighting breast cancer.

Sandi's Winged Beauties were stitched by my sister Sandi who hates to backstitch. I designed them especially for her.

I have a few other designs so be sure to check out my website under What's New. I also have an Easter basket full of bunnies and chicks that are "Waiting For Easter". It is offered to you as a complimentary chart.

Till next time...HAPPY STITCHING

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Febuary Releases

My Febuary releases I tried something new. My sister who hates back stitching, has never stitched any of my designs so these new releases were done especially for her. NO BACK STITCHING!

I had Spring in mind and remembered my sons delightful Garden Gate that he built. My dear DIL Sara planted beautiful flowers all around the gate. This was my inspiration to these designs. My favorite Spring bird is the robin so they certainly had to be a part of this.

The first one is simple called "Garden Gate". Joni M. did a beautiful job of model stitching it for me. I finished it off by making a turned down corner pillow.

The second design is called "Bath Time". Everyone should have a bird bath in their flower garden so they can watch the robins clean themselves :)

Shirl M. did a wonderful job model stitch this piece. Again I turned it into a pillow.

Third I have done "Feeding Time". Spring is the time of year when those baby robins have hatched out and need alot of nurturing from mom and dad to grow big and fly out of the nest.

A few other designs that I just released are "Spring Duckling" and "Spring Bunny". These make excellant quilt squares. You can see them at my website. Just click on the lil bee wrapped tightly in his flower bed. They can be found in the "What's New" forum.

I will be posting again soon with some of the new designs to be released. Till then......